TEASED: Honda Passport TrailSport Coming For Adventurous Families

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And it won't be the only TrailSport-badged Honda.

Toyota has the TRD, Ford has both the Raptor and the newly introduced Timberline monikers, and now Honda is set to join these brands with its own off-road line of models wearing the TrailSport badge. It's been over a year since we discovered Honda's trademark filing for the TrailSport and now we have a clearer idea of what the upgrades will be for these more adventurous Honda models. However, the Japanese marque hasn't yet specified which models will receive the TrailSport treatment. Still, we can safely draw a few conclusions based on Honda's latest news release and a new teaser image.


The company says that TrailSport will "become the rugged halo for Honda light trucks." The brand's current lineup of light trucks will remain refined on-road performers but be set up for better off-roading capability with upgrades like better tires, a uniquely tuned off-road suspension, enhanced all-wheel-drive systems, and increased ground clearance. TrailSport Hondas will have special styling cues to set them apart like rugged body cladding and unique front/rear styling. Inside, Honda will use stitching in high-contrast orange and all-weather mats that are easier to clean.

2019-2021 Honda Passport Front View Driving Honda
2019-2021 Honda Passport Front View Driving Honda

Honda's i-VTM4 torque-vectoring AWD system will allow TrailSport models to go off-roading with more confidence. They'll also come with full-size spare wheels, a key feature when you're out in the wild and resources aren't nearby. Light trucks comprise SUVs such as the Passport and possibly the CR-V, and we expect these traditionally road-biased vehicles to receive TrailSport upgrades. Indeed, Honda's latest teaser shows the rear-end of a Passport with the new TrailSport badge. It's very likely that TrailSport versions of the Ridgeline and Pilot will also be included, providing Honda with better competition for rivals from Ford and Jeep.

2019-2021 Honda Passport Front View Driving Honda
2019-2021 Honda Passport Front Angle View Honda
2019-2021 Honda Passport Side View Driving Honda

"TrailSport represents the next chapter in our rugged direction and will bring exclusive styling to our existing light trucks that will appeal to buyers seeking adventure," said executive vice president of National Operations at Honda America, Dave Gardner.

The TrailSport logo is said to be inspired by nature's beauty and fosters a sense of exploration. According to Honda, TrailSport will launch this fall and the first TrailSport-badged Hondas will arrive at dealers later this year.

Front View Driving Honda
Rear Angle View Honda
Rear View Driving Honda

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2019-2021 Honda Passport Front View Driving
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