TEASED: Infiniti QX60 Coming With Luxurious New Interior

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It looks like it'll come clad in luscious leather. We love it.

Infiniti seems to be dragging its heels on releasing its latest SUV, but the automaker certainly has no problem with creating teaser campaigns for the vehicle. This year alone, we've seen four teasers of the new Infiniti QX60, in addition to previewing the car thanks to the QX60 Monograph. But now Infiniti has teased the interior of the new SUV. It seems a bit pointless considering that we've already had a much better look at this cabin thanks to leaked images, but we do still glean some new information from the shadowy teaser and fortunately, this may be the last teaser we get before the full reveal.

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In that earlier leak, we saw a cream-colored cabin with metal-look accents. In the above teaser, it seems that you'll be able to upgrade to quilted leather on the dashboard (and presumably the seats too) complete with wood trim accents. Beyond that, we know that the new crossover will be the safest Infiniti crossover yet, as well as the most advanced. It will be impressive in the towing department too, promising to be capable of pulling up to 6,000 pounds of boat, trailer, or caravan behind it. Under the skin, there's plenty to look forward to too.

Front Angle View Infiniti
Rear View Infiniti
Rear Angle View Infiniti
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A new nine-speed automatic gearbox will be provided by the masterminds at ZF and will be paired with a 3.5-liter V6 estimated to produce around 295 horsepower. Along with a predictive all-wheel-drive system called Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, the new Infiniti QX60 is shaping up to be an impressive premium SUV, but as for when we can find that out for ourselves, don't hold your breath. The full global reveal of the vehicle is scheduled for June 23, so it'll be a few weeks yet before we can see if the crossover lives up to its manufacturer's hype. We hope it's worth the wait.

Driving Front Angle Infiniti
Driving Front Angle Infiniti

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