TEASED: Koenigsegg's New Hypercar Is Just Hours Away

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This has come out of nowhere!

2022 began on an especially exciting note if you consider yourself a Koenigsegg fan. The Swedish maker of insane hypercars like the Gemera revealed a teaser image for something new at the beginning of the year but has been silent on the matter ever since. We know that just about any new release from the brand is guaranteed to be something extraordinary. At that point, all the company shared was that the new car was a "New Year's resolution" and that it represents "more ultimate performance through clever engineering and design."

Well, Koenigsegg has stayed true to its promise and will be revealing this mystery sports car online today, August 19, with a first official teaser dropping a mere 10 hours before the official reveal. But what could it be?


Unfortunately, the latest teaser image is identical to the one we saw in early January. Visually, then, we have nothing new to glean from it besides its exotic proportions like a long, flowing roofline - reminiscent of the Koenigsegg CCX.

More importantly, will this be an EV, or will it boast one of Koenigsegg's out-of-the-box powertrains? That includes everything from the Regera's 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 hybrid without a gearbox to the Gemera's 2.0-liter three-cylinder without camshafts but with three electric motors.

Recently, Christian von Koenigsegg admitted that electric hypercars still had their challenges and previously told CarBuzz that he wouldn't build an EV until he was legally forced to do so, so we don't think the company is ready to add an EV to its lineup just yet. Perhaps he has a point as electric hypercars such as the Rimac Nevera remain a rare breed.

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In February, Koenigsegg announced that it would be expanding its production facility in Angelholm, Sweden and that it would be hiring a further 100 engineers and 150 production staff by the end of next year. This is still a small company, so these significant changes hint at Koenigsegg's preparations to reveal a new model.

Many fans have been calling for an "entry-level" Koenigsegg, but even such a car is unlikely to dip below a million bucks. Whatever Koenigsegg is cooking up, we'll know more when its new car is revealed at 12pm ET/9am PDT later today.

2016-2021 Koenigsegg Regera Rear Angle View Koenigsegg

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2016-2021 Koenigsegg Regera Rear Angle View
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