Teased: Listen To The New Ford Ranger Raptor's Throaty V6 Roar

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The hottest Ranger of all sounds rather good.

Now that Ford has taken the covers off the new-generation Ranger pickup in its more basic specifications, attention will inevitably turn to the high-performance Ranger Raptor. As was the case with the Bronco as well as the yet-to-be-revealed Bronco Raptor, we expect Ford's teaser campaign for the Ranger Raptor to be a drawn-out process with tiny bits of information revealed sporadically. At least, that's based on the blink-and-you'll-miss-it teaser link shared by the Blue Oval. Shared right at the very end of the Ranger's reveal stream a QR code takes you to a hidden page on Ford Australia's website with the teaser.

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The word 'teaser' is a strong word as we can't see the new Ranger Raptor at all, but the video does reveal the pickup's soundtrack, as well as when we can expect the powerful Raptor to be revealed. In the video, we can hear the Raptor's throaty V6 soundtrack. Previous rumors suggest that the Ranger Raptor will use a 3.0-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6, an engine that makes a healthy 400 horsepower in the Explorer ST. That would still give the larger 450-hp F-150 Raptor some breathing room would make the Ranger Raptor about as powerful as the upcoming Bronco Raptor.

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As for when the Ranger Raptor will get here, the teaser video indicated that February 2022 is the big month. If it's early in February, that means we have just over two months of waiting before we get to see it. As expected, previous sightings of the Ranger Raptor have shown it decked out with extras like off-road tires, flared wheel arches, and even a snorkel. It will reportedly also come with an upgraded FOX suspension. None of this is surprising based on what we already know the F-150 Raptor can do, so it'll be a thrill to experience Ford's off-road prowess in a more compact package.

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