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Teased: Mini Rocketman Concept

At a time when Mini seems to be upsizing, the automaker has just unveiled a few details and pictures of the small Rocketman Concept, due to debut at Geneva. In what's clearly a return to their roots, Mini's main focus was to keep the small car as light as possible. How small exactly? It's just over 11 ft long and is slightly shorter than a base Cooper hardtop. The carbon fiber spaceframe contributes to the lightweight philosophy along with wheels that have an enclosed surface structure that reduces drag and improves fuel economy.

The drive system is so advanced that it provides a combined fuel economy of 78 mpg. No details were provided regarding the engine, but it's fair to assume that some sort of electric/hybrid combination is involved. Most importantly, Mini is previewing what could be an eventual small urban car that retains the company's values and customer demands for driver involvement. We'll have more details next week at Geneva.

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