TEASED: New Pagani Supercar Coming This Week

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Teaser video hints at something very, very quick.

Last month, Pagani delivered the 100th and final example of its sensational Huayra Roadster. With that out of the way, it seems that the Italian exotic automaker has turned its attention to something brand new following an intriguing teaser video shared on social media. The 15-second clip begins with a blue component with the word CAUTION on it, followed by smaller text saying "airflow sensor" and "handle with care". Following this is an analog readout with speed measured in Mach, as it is in an airplane, which is a not-so-subtle hint that whatever Pagani has cooked up, it's seriously quick.

Pagani Automobili/Twitter
Pagani Automobili/Twitter

The single tweet refers to the new vehicle celebrating Air Speed, which seems to continue the brand's tradition of giving its products a name inspired by the wind. For instance, the Huayra was named after a Quechua wind god known as Huayra-tata. Otherwise, the video doesn't give anything else away besides the fact that this car will have gas running through its veins, based on the soundtrack. We do know that the new, hardcore Pagani Huayra R is supposed to be unveiled in January. Could it be that Pagani decided that we deserve an earlier reveal of this beast?

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Front Angle View Pagani
Front View Pagani
Top View Pagani
Rear Angle View Pagani

When the Huayra R does get here, it will be one of the most extreme Paganis ever, which is saying a lot. Rumors suggest that it could be powered by a naturally-aspirated V12 engine that produces a comical 900 horsepower and can rev to a superbike-like 9,500 rpm. Of course, Pagani also has a fully electric hypercar in the works, but this is only supposed to arrive in 2024 and, as the new teaser video clearly demonstrates, whatever is coming this week isn't an EV. All will be revealed on December 17, so keep your eyes (and your ears) open for what should be something special.

Autostyle Design Competition/YouTube
Front Angle View Pagani
Side View Pagani
2017 Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta Badge Pagani

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