TEASED: New Volvo EM90 Minivan Shaping Up To Be A Looker

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The new images tease the EM90's front fascia, taillights, and wheel design.

Volvo has released additional details on the all-new EM90 following a 30-second teaser video posted last month. This time, the Swedish automaker took to Instagram to give us a glimpse of what we can expect from the all-electric minivan.

Yes, Volvo is still tapping into the minivan business amid the popularity of SUVs in today's market. The all-new model will be launched on November 12, 2023. The new images only show partial design cues from the minivan, but they are still worth checking out.

Volvo/Instagram Volvo/Instagram

For one, the front fascia comes with an illuminated brand logo on what appears to be a chrome grille. While the EM90 doesn't share the same no-grille face as the EX90 and EX30, this could be explained by the reports the model could be based on the Zeekr 009. It features an aggressive chrome grille design but we can expect Volvo to trim it down a bit for its own minivan.

Both Volvo and Zeekr are under the umbrella of Chinese automaker Geely, hence the co-development of the all-electric minivan. Although, another image in the new rollout shows the EM90 will use a different set of taillights than the 009. The former gets a T-shaped cluster, while the latter gets a full-width finish.

Volvo/Instagram Volvo/Instagram

The last detail we can spot in the new images is the wheel design reminiscent of the ones in the Volvo EX30. As such, the EM90 may be based on a global model but we can still expect the all-new model to look unmistakably a Volvo.

Upon the arrival of the new EM90 in November, the all-electric minivan will be offered in China only. However, the automaker assured it will explore the opportunity of launching it in other markets as well. If the EM90 makes its way stateside, the model will join the likes of the Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica in the small minivan market.

Volvo/YouTube Volvo/YouTube

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