Teased: Next-Generation Bugatti Rimac Hypercars Hidden In Plain Sight

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The announcement of a new design hub had a special surprise.

Once a little-known producer of electric supercars, Rimac is well and truly in the big leagues. In 2021, the automaker announced a joint venture with Bugatti, signaling the beginning of a new era for both boutique brands. Now operating under the Bugatti Rimac name, the two carmakers will work together in creating a range of next-generation hypercars.

With that in mind, the duo wants to create a truly spectacular future range of cars. A brand new, Berlin-based innovation hub will certainly aid in this, with the partnership aiming to create a design and engineering focal point for future products. The new hub will operate under a newly-founded German subsidiary, known as Bugatti Rimac GmbH.

The new development will be instrumental in developing the partnership's new creations. As seen below, a pair of shrouded hypercars points to the fact that work has already taken place on two jointly-developed models, but what could they be? A successor to the Chiron, perhaps?

Bugatti Rimac
Bugatti Rimac
Bugatti Rimac

Bugatti has said a Chiron replacement will arrive around 2025. That's still quite some time from now, so we're guessing the covered newcomer may be an all-new, jointly-developed hypercar to sit alongside the Chiron's successor. Bugatti has said the W16 powertrain won't die just yet, but with Rimac's influence, the new model may very well be fully-electric or, at least, utilize hybrid technology.

As for the other hidden supercar, its profile bears a striking resemblance to the Nevera, which leads us to believe an even more powerful version could be on the way. A track-focused, lightened version of the all-electric hypercar would be spectacular, but we'll know more once the yet-to-be-seen models are revealed.

Bugatti Rimac says Berlin was chosen for its reputation for being a creative and innovative city. The company headquarters will remain in Zagreb, along with the majority of employees and other future expansions. Aside from the design and engineering teams, the German-based hub will also house several key departments, including marketing and finance.

2017-2022 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Front Angle View Bugatti
2017-2022 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Rear Angle View Bugatti
2017-2022 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Dashboard Bugatti
2017-2022 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Side View Bugatti

Bugatti Rimac CTO Emilio Scervo said, "Our aim is to pursue the best materials and the latest technologies, but also the finest and boldest minds, and with our new facility in Berlin we believe we have the infrastructure in place to deliver on this fascinating challenge."

Scervo also added that the electrification expertise gleaned from the Rimac Nevera and the ICE innovation seen in the Chiron has the potential, when put together, to reach new levels of performance. The new addition does not affect other aspects of the business. Bugatti, for example, will continue to build hypercars at the Molsheim production facility.

Mate Rimac, CEO at Bugatti Rimac, described the new expansion as exciting and noted the hub will be "deeply involved" in many hypercar projects. Rimac noted the new facility will represent "an opportunity for the very best in the industry to join us, demonstrate their skills, and be part of a company that's [redefining] the hypercar."

Driving Front Angle Rimac
Rear View Driving Rimac
Lateral View Rimac
Rear-Facing View Rimac
Wheel Rimac
Driver Area Rimac

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2017-2022 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Dashboard

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