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It promises a "modern operating concept," whatever that might mean.

It's an exciting time in Volkswagenland. There are rumors of a name change, the company could soon build an electric pickup truck, and all this is going on while the automaker mulls over whether selling Porsche is a good idea or not. But through all of that, Volkswagen has still found the time to tease a new crossover. Called the Taigo, this small but sporty crossover promises a "dynamic and emotional design", along with plenty of driver aids and "state-of-the-art connectivity." Surprisingly, this is not another all-electric offering. Instead, it will be offered with TSI engines and will be based on Brazil's Nivus crossover.


The Taigo will be manufactured in Pamplona, Spain for the European market and will feature LED headlights as standard, as well as a fully digital cockpit with an elevated seating position. The silhouette of the crossover is meant to be coupe-like, with a sloping roofline.

Unfortunately, the three pictures you see above are all that supplements this information, so we'll have to wait for more details to be released before we can tell you what to expect. Then again, that may be a fruitless exercise since Volkswagen's wording indicates that the Taigo is not destined for American shores, at least not for now.

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As exciting as it is when a manufacturer announces a new vehicle that looks as cool as this, we couldn't help but notice the Taigo's similarity in front-end styling to that of the Taos. With the Taigo's debut set for this summer and a market launch at the end of the year, we'll have to wait a while to discover just what about the car justifies the words "modern operating concept". Fingers crossed that those words are more than just some fancy marketing.

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