Teased: Skoda MissionL Concept

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Skoda plans on bringing their MissionL to world markets, however they will hold off on bringing the model to the U.S.

Skoda is kicking off its sixth model range at this month's Frankfurt Auto Show. Their MissionL concept is set to head the new range, as the model that will arrive at Germany's premier auto event is said to be very close to the production model. What we see from the teaser is a rebadged Volkswagen Jetta, though I doubt the Czech carmaker would ever admit it. Skoda plans to be aggressive in the world market to expand its name and brand throughout most of the world, excluding the North American market.

"Revealing the look of our new compact model, the MissionL shows exactly the direction our brand is going to take. The world premiere in Frankfurt gives a clear signal that Skoda is going full steam ahead now. We are going to present a new vehicle every six months over the next two or three years," said Skoda Board Chairman Dr. Winfried Vahland. The Skoda MissionL is scheduled to arrive in the European, Chinese, Russian and Indian markets. Each market will get a model tuned to their respective country's needs. The new model will make its debut at the 2011 Frankfurt International Auto Show, starting September 13th.

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