TEASED: The Fisker Ronin Is A 660-Mile Four-Door Drop-Top GT

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The electric automaker has a new grand tourer in the works.

Henrik Fisker, whose past hits include the gorgeous BMW Z8 and the Karma EV, has been hard at work turning his EV manufacturing company into a success as it attempts to take down Tesla. Part of its efforts to achieve mainstream success is the Fisker Ocean, an all-electric SUV that seems to be resonating well with the car-buying public. In fact, reservations have now exceeded 40,000 and Fisker says the SUV is on track and will launch with no price changes (a sly dig at Rivian, perhaps). It also has another car in the works called the PEAR, or Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, which starts at just under $30,000. But now the automaker has a third vehicle on the way, with this "signaling the Fisker brand's return to its luxury design roots." Say hello to Project Ronin.

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Back in January, Fisker teased something sporty on Twitter, and we think that may have been the car being today. So what do we know about it? Well, Fisker says that "the all-electric grand tourer will feature innovations such as a battery pack integrated with the vehicle's structure." The automaker's ambitious goals for this GT include delivering "the longest range of a production EV with the ultimate in high performance."

Part of those ambitions is hinted at in the name, as this codename was inspired by the iconic film of the same name. Fisker is thereby implying that the new car will be highly maneuverable and agile, but as an EV, we won't get our hopes up too high just yet. For those of us who grew up with a smartphone in our stroller, we highly recommend watching the classic film, as Ronin has some of the finest car chase scenes ever made.

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Like the Koenigsegg Gemera "megacar" (albeit on a far less grand scale), Project Ronin is intended to carry four adults and their luggage. The GT will also boast "unique doors for better ingress and egress and a luxurious, sustainable vegan interior that plots a new, advanced design direction."

Speaking of the new model, CEO Henrik Fisker said: "Project Ronin will be a showcase for our internal engineering, powertrain, and software capabilities."

Most interestingly, the new car is set to become the only four-door production convertible on the market. Why do this? Because Fisker wants to create the "open-air feeling." Fortunately, we are also told that the rear seat will have space "comparable to a luxury sports sedan."

0-60 mph is expected to take close to 2 seconds thanks to all-wheel-drive and three electric motors. 600 miles is the targeted EPA range (660 miles on the WLTP cycle). At a price of between $150,000-$200,000, its 2024 on-sale date can't come soon enough.

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