TEASED: The New Audi A8 Can Park Itself Without Anyone In The Car

The new A8 should be an extremely high-tech car.

The current Audi A8 is in desperate need of a refresh, but luckily a new model is right around the corner. We've only seen spy shots of this new car, but we know that it will be full of the latest technology including partial self-driving. Design wise, the new A8 will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, much like the latest generation A4. We don't know much about the new A8, but we do know that it will feature level 3 autonomous technology that allows the car to drive itself in traffic at speeds of up to 37 mph.

Audi has released a new teaser that shows of the car's tailights, a bit of the interior, and the entire front fascia (albeit hidden in the shadows). We also get to see the car park itself, which is previewed in the video.

In the video, a dad turns around to take his sleeping son out of the car. The car then parks itself while he carries his son into the house. We noticed that the son is wearing a Spiderman jacket, so perhaps Audi is also teasing a tie-in with the upcoming film, Spiderman Homecoming. The new A8 should be an impressive car, and we can't wait to see it in full.

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