TEASED: This Is Fisker's Top-Secret Electric Supercar

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It looks nothing like the Ocean crossover.

Fisker is hard at work getting ready to start production of its Ocean electric SUV later this year, a car that even the Pope will soon call his own. The Tesla Model Y rival made its debut at the LA Auto Show in November, and not only is it a sleekly styled and powerful SUV, but it'll significantly undercut its Tesla rival on price. But the Ocean isn't the only car in development at Fisker. This week, Henrik Fisker briefly shared a tweet teasing a new electric supercar following an engineering meeting about the exciting model. Fisker said he would remove the teaser "shortly" which is exactly what he did, but this is the internet and we managed to get a screenshot before it was deleted.

Henrik Fisker/Twitter
Henrik Fisker/Twitter

The teaser doesn't reveal much but depicts the car as it undergoes computational fluid dynamics testing. Fisker says in his tweet that the car previews a segment that does not exist today, and its unique profile leads us to believe this could be true. A rounded roof looks like it could be a soft-top or be removable entirely, and it contrasts with a body that's more angular. There are exaggerated rear arches and light bars that span the width of the rear-end design. The body stretches out notably aft of the roof towards the rear. Other than that, it's not possible to pick up any other obvious details.

Front Angle View Fisker
Rear Angle View Fisker
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Fisker didn't share any technical details regarding this new electric supercar but did say that it passed its first aerodynamic and downforce tests with flying colors. Interestingly, Fisker appears to be taking the opposite approach to fellow EV automaker Polestar by launching a mainstream model first and a more exclusive halo model next. By contrast, the Polestar 1 is a high-priced luxury coupe while the Polestar 2 which followed is a much more attainable sedan.

We don't expect to see Fisker's electric supercar in showrooms anytime soon as the company focuses on the Ocean, but it does show us that this is an ambitious company prepared to challenge the big guns.

Steering Wheel Fisker
Interior Details Fisker
Seat Details Fisker

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