TEASED: This Is The Face Of The All-New Rolls-Royce Phantom

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Some special royal guests will be joining the new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII at the reveal event next week.

As the reveal of the new Phantom draws closer, Rolls-Royce has released another teaser of its new flagship limo. While we've already seen the design thanks to some images taken from a leaked digital brochure, this represents the first official photograph of the Phantom VIII showing off its elegant front-end. Unlike the upcoming Cullinan SUV, don't expect any bold design changes here. Despite being the first Phantom released in 13 years, the design will be an evolutionary update.


Even though the image has been darkened, you can still recognize it as a Phantom – and that's precisely the point. Rolls-Royce wants to retain the Phantom's iconic identity. There have been some subtle changes, however. Compared to the outgoing model, the front-end looks cleaner, and the distinctive rectangular headlamps have been updated with modern LED lights. No other details have been revealed, but we already know the new Phantom will share the BMW 7 Series' aluminium spaceframe architecture for improved agility. Joining the new Phantom VIII at the prestigious reveal event will be some very royal guests.

As part of the "Great Eight Phantoms" exhibition in Mayfair, London, the Phantom will be having a family reunion with some of the most iconic examples of every previous generation including John Lennon's eye-catching Phantom V. Rolls-Royce has now revealed the final three historic Phantoms that will be vying for your attention at the exhibition. First up is Queen Elizabeth II's Phantom VI State Limousine. The custom-built Phantom was originally given to Her Majesty in 1977 to mark her Silver Jubilee, and features a striking raised roofline and "an enormous expanse of toughened glass" for better visibility during ceremonies.

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Replacing the Spirit of Ecstasy is the 'Royal mascot' of St. George slaying the dragon whenever the Queen was on board unless she visited Scotland, in which case a silver lion was used instead. Being a state car, there was no need for a license plate. The other royal Rolls-Royce on display at the exhibition will be the Phantom IV owned by Aga Khang's, leader of the Nizari Ismaili Muslim community. Featuring Hooper coachwork, the rear wheels are enclosed, while the interior is fitted with red leather. It took two years to build from 1950 to 1952 due to its many unique additions including an adjustable mirror, concealed silver brush, comb and compact, all engraved with the Aga Khan's royal crest.

It also comes equipped with a built-in Dictaphone and a full picnic set. The third revealed Phantom is known as the 'First Goodwood Phantom' that started the renaissance of Rolls-Royce in 2003. Three months after its debut, the First Goodwood Phantom was shipped to Australia where its owner took it on an epic 4,500-mile trip. 14 years later, it's said to be in "exceptional" condition and will be on display at The Eight Great Phantoms exhibition on July 27.

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