Teased: This Is The Pure-Electric Cadillac Lyriq Crossover

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Mark your calendars: it will be unveiled in full on August 6.

In case you missed it, GM's luxurious Cadillac brand is experiencing something of a renaissance. It's not like the last renaissance - the one where they moved to New York for a minute and pinned all their hopes on a flagship sedan that ultimately failed to catch on with a sedan-weary American customer base.

More rather, it's a renaissance of the "pure-electric propulsion" variety, as Cadillac has been tapped to lead GM's future EV push by gradually replacing its gasoline-powered passenger vehicles with battery-powered ones through 2030, by which point most or all of its lineup will be electric.

Now, the first model in Cadillac's next-generation EV lineup is nearly here: the Cadillac Lyriq luxury crossover.

Cadillac has just released a video teasing the forthcoming Lyriq and at the same time announcing the date of its official unveiling: August 6. The battery-powered CUV was originally slated to be shown back in April, but its reveal was one of the many automotive events postponed or canceled in recent months.

In the video, we're shown quick clips of Cadillac technologies - things like an early electric starter, a night-vision display, and the Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system, all of which were Cadillac firsts (along with the standard three-pedal control layout and synchromesh gears, if you cared to know). Those clips are intercut with miscellaneous other Cadillac footage, clips of people exploring nature, and flashes of a thunderstorm, telegraphing the brand's pivot to electric power.


Apart from giving us a better look at the Lyriq's sharp, almost fastback-like profile, which looks very much like the EV crossover concept, the video doesn't give much away. However, we do already know some pertinent details of the future EV, like that it will use GM's scalable, inexpensive next-generation "Ultium" battery tech, and that its dash will feature a long, sweeping 34-inch digital display that spans the entire width of the vehicle.

According to some who observed the vehicle at GM's "electric vehicle summit" back in March, at least some trim levels will offer 22-inch wheels, solidifying the Lyriq's place in the top-tier premium vehicle space.

We'll know more come August 6, so stay tuned.

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