TEASED: Winnebago All-Electric Camper Van Coming This Month

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And it's based on the Ford E-Transit.

Renowned RV and trailer company Winnebago is preparing to unveil an all-electric camper van later this month, and based on the teaser images and video provided, the eco-friendly explorer will be based on the Ford E-Transit.

The company shared a 15-second clip that gives us a close, albeit brief, look at the newcomer. Based on the body and details, it's clear to see it has used the Blue Oval's electric van as its foundation. Known only by the tag #eVANLIFE, the prototype wears a unique camouflage pattern depicting towns, natural landscapes, and all sorts of adventures.

This suggests that the battery-powered recreational vehicle is a versatile tool designed to accommodate the needs of eco-friendly explorers.

Winnebago RVs/YouTube Winnebago RVs/YouTube

Looking at the side profile, it appears that Winnebago has used an E-Transit Cargo Van with a regular wheelbase and a high roof. If this is the case, it would give the RV experts 130 inches of wheelbase and 110 inches of height to work with. That's plenty of space to fit the amenities customers would expect, such as a makeshift bathroom, kitchen, living area, and bedroom.

However, we're more interested in the technical details. As standard, the E-Transit Cargo Van receives a 68-kilowatt-hour battery which provides an estimated range of 126 miles on a full charge - and that's for the Low Roof model. While that's adequate for delivery duty or transporting patients to the hospital, RVs often cover great distances on a single day, and 126 miles won't cut it.

Winnebago RVs/YouTube Winnebago RVs/YouTube

The added weight required to make this a comfortable recreational vehicle will likely reduce the range even further. Then again, Winnebago has probably thought of this and come up with a solution to these issues.

As for the interior, it appears the electric RV will retain the dashboard of the standard E-Transit, but there are one or two minor differences. Winnebago's prototype features quilted leather upholstery on the seats. Based on that, we presume the fairly spartan innards will be dressed up with some upmarket details to woo potential buyers.

The concept will be unveiled on January 18 at the Florida RV SuperShow, so we will have to wait for additional information. But, if you find yourself at the event, Winnebago is offering test drives to those who sign up early.

Winnebago RVs Winnebago RVs/YouTube Winnebago RVs/YouTube

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