TechArt Creates One-Off 700 HP Porsche 911 Turbo S With A Tiger Painted On The Hood

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Is it a bit too much?

TechArt is a German-based tuner, but it has subsidiaries across the globe. One of those subsidiaries in the Philippines (Import Hookup) recently showcased its latest design at the Manila Auto Salon 2022.

It's based on the new TechArt GTstreet R, but it features contemporary artwork by world-renowned Filipino multi-media artist Ronald Ventura. Ventura also owns the car you see here, so the contemporary artwork business must be booming.

The TechArt GTstreet R is based on the 992 series Porsche 911 Turbo S. We already know that TechArt can boost the standard 911 Turbo S' power from 641 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque to 700 hp and 664 lb-ft, but this particular 911 showcased several cosmetic bits, plus some a few performance-enhancing goodies.

TechArt TechArt

TechArt offers three suspension kits for the GTstreet R. There are the Sport Spring Kit for cars with and without Porsche Active Stability Management and a fully-adjustable Threaded Spring Kit. On the performance side, there are two Power Kits. One takes the power output up to the 700 hp mentioned above, while the more expensive kit boosts the power to 774 hp. Techart's online configurator is an excellent place to waste time, and we highly recommend it.

But back to the model in question, which is essentially an art car. We hope the Manila Auto Salon hired some extra security because climate activists have recently targeted art cars.

We'll start with the carbon fiber aero kit, which adds all the naked carbon bits you see here. It contrasts beautifully with the wild yellow color. Also included is a set of lightweight Formula VI forged wheels and a sports exhaust system.

TechArt TechArt

On the inside, it has a handcrafted steering wheel with deviated stitching and a bespoke interior designed and put in place by TechArt's in-house interior team.

Ventura used the front lid as an expressive surface. He chose to paint a tiger there, which is not our kind of thing. It takes us back to a time when nu-metal was a thing, and a bunch of Korn fans walked around with tiger shirts and chains hanging out of their pockets. The '90s were weird, just in case our younger fans wonder what these references mean.

Still, it is a one-off creation, and we respect a man who makes a car his own. The TechArt Panamera launched in 2019 remains the best in a long line of exceptional products enhanced by this famous German tuning house.

TechArt TechArt

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