TechArt Gives The 911 Carrera T The Power It Deserves

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You no longer have to settle for the least powerful 911.

Porsche may have encapsulated the purest form of the 911 with the reveal of the Carrera T. To create the Carrera T, Porsche took a base Carrera and stripped out excess weight to create a sort of "GT3 light." The result is a 911 that may be the purest driver's car in the entire lineup but comes with one massive flaw. Since it is based on a base Carrera, the Carrera T is powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo flat-six producing 370 horsepower. For just $3,000 more, a Carrera S offers 420 hp with just 33 pounds of added weight.

We drove the Carrera T and came away thinking that it could be improved with a bit more power. Fortunately, tuners like Techart are on hand to fix any power discrepancies that may arise with a new car. Techart recently released a special tune for the 991.2 911 Turbo S, and will now turn its sights to the Carrera T. Customers who buy the Techart Performance Package for the Carrera T will see power gains from 370 to 430 hp, which is 10 more than a Carrera S.

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Techart has achieved this bump in power with just two components. The first has been kept a secret, but the second key to the power increase is a flap-controlled "racing" exhaust. This new exhaust features quad titanium tailpipes with carbon fiber sheathing and a sound that is bound to impress. Now buyers can opt for the purist Carrera T without sacrificing on power. The same Techart Performance Package is also available on Carrera S and GTS models, where it ups power from 420 and 450 hp to 480 and 510 hp respectively. The cost of all of these juicy power gains is approximately $9,200.


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