TechArt Hasn't Wasted Any Time With Porsche's Latest 911

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Sometimes less is more.

German tuner TechArt isn't a stranger to taking Porsche 911s and making the vehicles a little crazier with incredible body kits and more performance. As such it has wasted no time giving the freshly revised Porsche 911 a makeover. While the tuner's latest 911 may seem a little subtle, the company plans to showcase its tuning pack for the revised Porsche 911 Carrera, Targa and Turbo models at next year's Geneva Motor Show. While its latest 911 doesn't have a flashy bodykit or high-performance parts, we still think it's a looker.

Unlike TechArt's other Porsches, this 911 gets simple modifications that include new wheels and it loses the badges. We may be used to seeing some insane Porsches from TechArt, but this sports car's subtle styling is something that we can get behind. Enthusiasts craving that dose of craziness will have to wait until after the Geneva Motor Show because the tuning company states that several new options for the 2016 models will be out in the near future. In regular TechArt fashion, the German tuning company will be sure to give 911s exhaust components, performance parts and carbon fiber pieces.

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