TechArt Leaks Photos Of Porsche Cayenne-Based Magnum

Some tuners just can’t keep a secret.

The German Tuning House TechArt just released officialphotos of its newest creation: the Magnum. This powerhouse of an SUV wassupposed to debut at the 2015 Essen Motor Show. This German auto expo is one ofthe biggest platforms where tuners from all around the world come to show off some of the world's wildest automotive creations. The TechArt Magnum is based on the second-generationPorsche Cayenne and will be officially displayed in the metal on November 27.

TechArt is no stranger to Porsches, especially theCayenne. It has been making kits for Porsche’s original SUV since 2004. Withthe 2015 Magnum we can discern from the pictures that it will have (hopefullyfunctional) side air intakes, a carbon fiber splitter option, and restyledbumpers. It is perhaps in the design of the grille where we see the biggest upheavalsagainst stock Cayenne and Macan designs. There are bits of carbon fiber right down to theexhaust tips. TechArt uses its own 22” wheels on this aftermarket creation, allwhile lowering the suspension for improved handling characteristics.This beefed-up Cayenne looks devilish and will also include performance enhancing mods, although we don't have specifics yet.

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