TechArt's Magnum Kit For The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

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If you thought Porsche's list of factory options was complicated, TechArt will make your life pleasingly confusing.

Those familiar with the kind of work which TechArt puts out (Porsche nerds, let's be honest about this, we've got a couple here on staff) will find that the Magnum kit being sold for the Cayenne Turbo S is pleasingly up to the usual standards. The list of options is extensive, and includes a body kit covered in carbon fiber accents. There are extra hood vents and redesigned lighting as well, but as usual, TechArt stops short of crossing the line into tasteless.

A few different styles of lightweight wheels are offered in sizes ranging from 20 to 23 inches. Power kits can bring the peak output up to 660 horsepower, a noticeable bump over the already very high factory number. And a choice of new exhaust systems will help ensure that the engine makes an appropriate sound to go with that extra power. And though the Porsche factory interior hasn't exactly gotten a lot of complaints, TechArt also offers some options for further customization.

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