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TechArt’s Porsche Cayenne Has A Cozy Cabin Designed By A Couch Maker

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Naturally, it’s also been given a significant power boost.

TechArt is no stranger to tuning Porsches. After giving the 911 Carrera T the power it deserves, the aftermarket tuner has given the Cayenne a significant power boost, a more aggressive exterior, and a more luxurious interior. To enhance the exterior, TechArt has added a two-piece front spoiler that makes the Cayenne appear lower to the ground, while a carbon-fiber hood with air inlets give the SUV a sporty appearance.

The aerodynamic package also includes "a powerful looking" rear apron with a diffuser and a roof spoiler lip. TechArt's Porsche Cayenne rides on the tuner's new 22-inch Formula V wheels with multi-spoke design.

Under the hood, TechArt's Techtronic engine mapping boosts the Cayenne's output from 542 hp to 631 hp, resulting in supercar levels of performance. 0-62 mph takes 3.7 seconds before the modified Cayenne tops out at 186 mph. The SUV's V8 roar also sounds deeper and more powerful thanks to the valve-controlled exhaust system.

While the improved performance is commendable, it's the luxurious interior that stands out. TechArt has collaborated with couch manufacturer Rolf Benz to achieve "inimitable seating comfort." The upholstery is made of Rolf Benz's high-quality natural virgin wool used on the company's living room couches, which TechArt claims is "hard-wearing, breathable and dirt resistant."

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Color-matched leather piping, threads, and lacquer complement the upholstery, along with Rolf Benz patterned cloth on the underside of the headrests, and a roof lining made entirely of black virgin wool. Even the footwell is covered in fine leather with exquisite floor mats. As a finishing touch, TechArt says the Cayenne's bicolor paintwork, shown in photos in champagne metallic and black, will be coordinated with the Rolf Benz interiors to create a "harmonious look".