TECHART Tunes Porsche Cayenne and Panamera Turbos

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Tuning kits released by TECHART for Porsche's Cayenne Turbo and Panamera Turbo.

Porsche owners that want to increase their cars' output often turn to German tuning firm TECHART for assistance, who have recently prepared a couple of power kits to raise the performance of both the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Panamera Turbo. Starting with the stylish SUV, the TA 058/T2 power kit will ensure the Cayenne Turbo produces 660hp and 880Nm of maximum torque giving drivers remarkable power and substantial increase in driving dynamics.

The results are that acceleration has improved by half a second, with 0-62mph now set at 4.2 seconds, and the top speed standing at 190mph. The engine conversion includes newly developed turbocharges, a sport air filter and custom manifolds, whilst a sporty sound is guaranteed by polished stainless steel sport tailpipes. The second kit, TA 070/T2, designed for the Panamera Turbo, has also focused on improving performance, dynamics and driving pleasure, which has been achieved by increasing output to 630hp and torque to 880Nm.

As a result, accerlating to 62mph is done in just 3.7 seconds, whilst taking this 4-seater to the limit will also see the needle creep up to 202mph; however this is a feat we recommend you strictly reserve for the racetrack. No official price or timing of availability has been announced.

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