TechArt Will Soon Be Offering Bespoke Interior Options For The Porsche Macan


A new way to spend a lot of money on the cheaper Porsche SUV.

TechArt is a company which has so far been primarily known as one that will make your Porsche go faster. This is definitely a noble pursuit, and we applaud it, but there are some other services offered which you might not know about. Chief among these is special customized interiors which go far above and beyond even the lengthy Porsche options list. TechArt has just announced this service will soon be offered for the Macan as well.


The formal unveiling will be at the Geneva Motor Show, but we've got a little taste of what will be offered. There are lots of material and upholstery options to choose from, and if none of them are quite what you're looking for, we're sure TechArt will find a solution, for a price. But it's not just new seat coverings and door inserts, you can choose from new options for door sills, pedals and custom steering wheels. And, of course, there are exterior styling options, and they'll even make the car faster to boot. No word on pricing, but we're guessing that a fully redone interior would run between "yikes" and "holy shit."

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