Techrules Tells Us Its Turbine-Powered Cars Will Keep Performance Vehicles Relevant


Seems the Techrules powertrain is more than just a unique selling point.

Internal combustion engines that power a huge majority of the cars on the world's roads won't be around forever. Yet the auto industry hasn't quite decided on what a non-ICE future will look like. Some reckon pure electric cars are the way to go, for instance, whereas others have considered hydrogen fuel cells. Techrules, though, is one of only a handful of companies that's looking at the possible application of turbines - and not just because it gives the company a distinct USP over its rivals.

A lot of the reasoning behind the firm's patented Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) setup actually stems from a desire to improve efficiency (and not just to generate well over 200 mph top speeds) and find ways around the inconveniences of certain infrastructural aspects. For instance, Techrules told us "that its turbine system is lighter, more compact and easier to package than a conventional internal combustion engine." Techrules was also keen to highlight that its unique battery system is "only used to provide power from the turbines to the electric motors." This means range is only dictated by how much gas you have in the tank, rather than how close you are to a charging point that likely gets its electricity from a fossil fuel-fired power station.

Of course, we've not experienced the TREV powertrain for ourselves, so we can't comment on whether or not this turbine setup will work as Techrules claims. Still, it does appear a huge amount of thought and planning has gone into the creation of this system (as well as its stunning design) and the on-paper benefits certainly sound interesting to us. Factor in the claims of the TREV system also being rather versatile (according to Techrules, the turbine setup "can be applied in any kind of vehicle and even motorcycles"), and we're left with the distinct impression that, actually, Techrules could be on to something rather pivotal with its turbine technology.


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