Teen Builds 780-HP Honda S2000 EV

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Instead of adding horsepower the more traditional way, this high school senior converted a Honda S2000 into a 780 hp EV beast.

A solid majority of high school kids these days are more interested in iPhones than cars. And that's a real shame, but for Juan Ehringer his interest in cars involves more than just reading auto magazines. The high school senior is working on a project that consists of transforming a used and slightly damaged Honda S2000 into an EV that produces around 780 horsepower that goes directly to the rear wheels. That ain't a typo. Ehringer also built the battery packs on his own by using component lithium polymer cells.

The new EV setup consists of two electric motors that are connected to a custom driveshaft and before drivetrain losses, a total of roughly 920 horsepower is produced.

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The project is still not fully completed and he's currently working to resolve reliability and quality issues that involve the custom-built charging system. So why use an S2000 when it's such a great car to begin? The simple answers are that it was cheap because it was in an accident, it's lightweight and has good driving characteristics.

Source Credits: www.motorauthority.com

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