Teen Drunk Driving Killer's Rich Family Heading for the Poor House

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With more civil suits possibly to follow.

For those who don't know the back story, a teenager by the name of Ethan Couch went driving a few months ago while loaded up on pills and a massive quantity of alcohol. The resulting accident killed four and left another teenager paralyzed to the point that he can now only control his eyes. Couch avoided any jail time because it was argued at his trial that he is essentially too rich to understand that actions have consequences.

This condition has been nicknamed "affluenza", and while this worked on the judge (don't ask us how), nobody else seems to be buying it. So a civil suit which has been filed by the family of Sergio Molina, the teen paralyzed in the incident, will likely not turn out quite so favorably for the Couch family. The $20 million suit alleges that the accident was the result of negligent parenting, essentially the same argument made by Couch's own attorney at the criminal trial. It is likely the family will face similar law suits from the families of the other victims.

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