Teen Singer Austin Mahone Has A Pretty Badass BMW i8


It's just fine if you have no idea who this kid is.

We'll admit right off the bat that we don't know who Austin Mahone is. A quick Google search shows that he's a 19-year-old singer from Texas. Okay, it's probably better that we didn't know who he was or why he was famous. Anyway, the teenager is also the owner of a BMW i8, which he decided to give a makeover. Said makeover came with the help of a few parties: Metro Wrapz and Slammered. You can probably guess which company provided what, right?

The Miami-based Metro Wrapz and Slammered provided the wrap and suspension tweaking, respectively. The wrap itself is satin candy red with gold covering the front and rear ends and gold accents for good measure. We think it looks pretty damn good. The suspension is, well, that's just a matter of opinion. At least the kid didn't overdo it. The gold wheels are a bit flashy but we think they go well with the wrap. The black wheels are nice as well, but if you're going to customize a car you might as well ball until you fall. So, what do you think of Mahone's custom i8? BMW's halo car is beautiful enough on its own but in this case we think perfection was improved upon just a tad.

That being said the engine appears to have been left alone, meaning the hybrid will still kick out 357 horsepower between its 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine and its two electric motors. Photos courtesy of Metro Wrapz on Facebook and @AustinMahone on Instagram.

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