Teenage Girl's Toyota Crushed by Monster Truck at Redneck Yacht Club

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That's what happens when you leave your car unattended in a field full of monster trucks.

Early Saturday afternoon, Floridian Norman Nowling was arrested after witnesses claimed he deliberately drove over a teenage-girl's 1994 Toyota Corolla several times in his lifted 4WD Econoline. The incident took place at the Redneck Yacht Club's 'Swamp Cabbage Weekend' festival, where thousands of revelers speed around an 800-acre mud park in monster trucks and pickups. Campers come here from across the US and as far afield as Alaska for the event, described as 'a mini Mardi Gras with mud.'

According to reports, the driver of the large camouflaged truck with five-foot wheels was egged on by a chanting crowd who were demanding that he run the Toyota over having seen two other trucks fail to crush to the Corolla. "The owner doesn't care. You can do it," they shouted. This he did without hesitation, deliberately smashing into the hood from both sides. He then drover over the entire car several times. Once the young women discovered her car had been crushed, she stopped partying in the mud pit in order to alert security.

A witness then identified Mr. Nowling as the driver and he was duly taken to jail on a charge of criminal mischief. A spokesperson for the Redneck Yacht Club described the incident as 'an unfortunate event.'

Source Credits: www.dailymail.co.uk

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