Teenager's Car Gets Swallowed by the Ocean

A British teen's car had an unexpected encounter with the ocean. He was not amused.

Imagine going to spend a day at the beach and thinking you parked the car at a safe distance. You go for a nice picnic but upon returning discover your ride is submerged in the sea. That’s exactly what happened to a British teenager named Andy Laird. The 19-year-old found his Vauxhall Corsa caught in the tide after failing to park it at a safe distance away from the rising water. Everybody but him is probably thinking this is absolutely hilarious.

In order to get the car out of the water safely, a rescue charity boat had to be called in order to make sure no one was hurt while attempting to "rescue" the vehicle. As a result of this mishap, there’s now a sign warning beach goers to check the tide times before parking their cars.

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