Teenagers Really Are The Worst Drivers And Here's Proof


Be careful out there, everyone.

The US has just entered the so-called "100 Deadliest Days", the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day, aka summer. This means that more people are on the road because of the weather and summer vacations. But there's a downside to breaks from school and work: the chances of getting into a car accident are now at their yearly highest. According to a new report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and first reported by The Detroit Bureau, there's a greater statistical risk of getting seriously injured or killed in a car accident over the summer.

More specifically, the threat posed by teenagers revealed that crashes involving a driver between the ages of 15 and 19, nearly two-thirds of those injured or even killed are people other than the teen behind the wheel. "Teen crash rates are higher than any other age group, and this data confirms that the impact of their crashes extends well beyond the teen who is behind the wheel," stated the President and CEO of the AAA FTS. Certain crash factors, such as speeding and alcohol, are more common during the summer. Based on another AAA study from 2013, it was found that an average of 220 teen drivers and passengers died in traffic accidents during each of the summer months, a 43% increase compared to the rest of the year.

Source Credits: www.thedetroitbureau.com

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