Terrafugia’s Flying Car Finishes Flight Testing; Is Ready for the Road


The Transition flying car is ready for road-testing.

The Terrafugia Transition is billed as a "roadable aircraft" and by all means, the American company is absolutely correct. The Transition flying car is the ultimate personal aircraft which you can store in your garage, drive to the supermarket and then fly to wherever it is you might want to go. The Transition has just finished its initial flight testing and will continue in its development with five more flight tests coupled with road tests all throughout the summer.

Terrafugia hopes to have the revolutionary model completed by the end of summer to gain the necessary road and air certifications. If you're wondering if Terrafugia's product is just a gimmick, you would be in the wrong. On the road, the Transition can reach 115mph and travel over 490 miles boasting fuel efficiency of 35mpg. In order to take off, you need 518 meters (about 1700ft) of road while it burns 5gph in the air. It uses an automated electromechanical folding wing and automotive style entry and exit making it easily functional on public roads.

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It's relatively small size doesn't require a trailer or hangar for storage, either. The Terrafugia Transition is scheduled to hit the market next year and carry a price tag of $279,000. They say that 100 units have already been reserved with a backlog of over $25 million. The flying car requires a Sport Pilot license and 20 hours of training upon delivery. The initial flight testing took place at the Plattsburgh International Airport in New York and was flown by Chief Test Pilot and Director of Flight Test Operations Col. Phil Meteer (US Air Force-Retired).

the Massachusetts-based company's CEO Carl Dietrich remarked that "It's a real airplane; we're flying it whenever we want, for as long as we want." Check out some of the footage of the roadable aircraft's flight below.