Terrifying Accident Between Badass Dune Buggy and Quad

As cool as that wheelie was, full of turbo noises and sand flying, he really nailed that guy on the quad.

Sand dunes have to be one of the funnest places to take an off-roading vehicle such as a quad or dune buggy. This sand dune is packed with riders on all sorts of machines, some of which look astonishingly fast. One such a buggy races up the hill on its back wheels disabling its drivers ability to see what is directly in front of him. Soon enough the buggy starts veering hard to its left, heading straight for a quad rider. As the front wheels hit the ground it’s already too late. The buggy rams into the side of the quad sending the rider airborne.

The rider seemed to be just fine, only a little shaken up, probably taking a minute to thank the heavens he was sitting on sand and not tarmac.

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