Tesla Brings Back Adjustable One-Pedal Driving With Regenerative Braking

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Drivers will be able to choose between standard and low settings.

Tesla reportedly has plans to introduce a new software update that will see adjustable regenerative braking options return to its vehicles, such as the Model 3.

This is according to Electrek, which claims the update will bring "standard" and "low" settings, allowing drivers to adjust the regenerative braking to their preferences. Standard provides the maximum amount of regen braking; take your foot off the throttle, and the vehicle will slow down. Opt for low, and the vehicle will coast along for a greater distance and take longer to slow down.

Tesla owners can find the new setting under the "Controls" section of the menu. Access the "Pedals & Steering" sub-menu, and you'll be able to make the change under "Regenerative Braking."

2017-2023 Tesla Model 3 Driving Front Angle Tesla

It's not the first time the feature will be offered on Tesla vehicles. Previously, Tesla removed the adjustable regenerative braking system in 2020, leaving drivers only with the "strong" setting. While that benefits efficiency and improves range, some owners lamented the fact that the manufacturer removed the more relaxed setting.

If you're not sure what regenerative braking is, EVs can use their electric motors to slow down instead of the traditional brakes. When the driver lifts off the accelerator pedal, the motor sends energy into the battery pack (reversing the power), slowing the car down in the process. Depending on the intensity of the system and traffic conditions, it's possible to complete short journeys without even touching the brake pedal.

2020-2023 Tesla Model Y Side View Driving Tesla

Not only do you minimize brake pad wear, but you also gain some extra range in the process. However, it's not ideal for every situation. On ice and snow-covered roads, the sudden decrease in speed could cause the vehicle to become unstable, or start sliding. Regenerative braking is great, but it can be rather confusing if you're not used to it. A lower setting is beneficial for people who have recently migrated to an electric vehicle from an ICE-powered one.

Tesla consistently upgrades its vehicles with over-the-air updates. In December, the Model Y benefitted from a handy dog mode, while the high-end Model S and Model X can now support Steam gaming. Apple Music has also been integrated, along with the ability to make Zoom calls via the in-car camera.

2021-2022 Tesla Model S Driving Front Angle Tesla

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2017-2023 Tesla Model 3 Driving Front Angle
2020-2023 Tesla Model Y Side View Driving
2021-2022 Tesla Model S Driving Front Angle

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