Tesla Announces How Much Its Supercharging Network Will Cost

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Free Supercharging had to end eventually.

As previously reported, Tesla's supercharging network, in all countries, will no longer be free for new owners, regardless of which Tesla model they own. The free fun had to end eventually. In the wake of this new policy, Tesla has just announced its charging policy that takes effect almost immediately. For all new Model S and Model X vehicles ordered after January 15th, owners will receive 1,000 miles (or 400 kWh) of charging credits that can be updated annually.


Go beyond the 1,000 miles and a small fee applies which, according to Tesla, costs "less than the price of filling up a comparable gas car." Still though, 1,000 miles of free charging is pretty good, but here's where the new Supercharging policy gets interesting: prices will vary depending on which US state you reside. In Europe, however, it'll vary by country. For example, Southern US states will charge about 10 cents per kWh, while Northeastern states can be twice as much. How come? Local regulations, but at least prices include all taxes and fees. With this in mind, Tesla claims a cross country road trip, from Los Angeles to New York, will cost owners about $120, which really isn't terrible.

Los Angeles to San Francisco? $15. But for anyone believing this new policy is simply a way for Tesla to make money, then you'd be wrong. Tesla has made clear that it won't profit from this, but will instead invest the money to continue expanding its supercharging network.

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