Tesla Builds 10,000 Model Ys In 42 Days At Giga Texas

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One Tesla employee doesn't seem too happy with the milestone.

Tesla has announced via Twitter that it has built 20,000 Tesla Model Y electric vehicles at its Giga Texas plant as of October 30,2022. 43 days prior, Tesla's Texas plant announced it had built 10,000 Model Ys. That puts Tesla's Model Y production alone at roughly 240 cars per day or 1,600 Model Ys per week.

For perspective, Tesla built 291,189 Model Ys as of Q1 this year. CEO Elon Musk also said that the quarter was "exceptionally difficult" due to supply chain interruptions and Chinese COVID policy, which paused production in Shanghai for the brand.

Company employees posed for a photo with what appears to be Model Y number 20,000, with most looking very pleased with their accomplishment. Except for one employee, who looks so angry he might have built them all by himself.

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This is quite a turnaround for Tesla's 3.3 square mile Texan campus, hilarious photobombing aside. On Tesla's July 20 earnings call, Musk said that "We're expecting Giga Texas to exceed 1,000 car per week milestone in a couple of months."

To build roughly 1,600 Model Ys per week over a 42-day period is obviously well past that. Other Tesla facilities certainly aren't hitting those numbers.

In Berlin, Tesla's 1.1 square mile facility was hitting around 1,000 cars a week, per Musk. While Giga Berlin is nearly a third the size of Giga Texas, Tesla has said that it estimates its annual production capacity to exceed 2 million units.


As Tesla does not, and has not, had a PR department for some time, it was unable to provide comment on the Model Y's production figures, nor was it able to provide a broader per-day count from Giga Texas. The facility in Texas is Tesla's largest, and it is possible that as more and more of the plant comes online and scales up, these figures are possible.

The Model Y is one of Tesla's more affordable and popular models, with a vast majority of the brand's open orders filled by either it or the Model 3. It's possible Tesla is pushing production of more volume-based models like this one ahead of others, like the Model S and X.

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