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Tesla Builds Car Carrier Trailers To Speed Up Model 3 Deliveries

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No, we don’t know how Tesla has found the time and resources to do this either.

After being in "production hell" for what seemed like an eternity, Tesla is now struggling to deliver Model 3s on time. Elon Musk described the situation as "delivery logistics hell" following customer complaints about ongoing delivery delays.

To help speed up deliveries of the Model 3, the CEO has implemented several drastic measures such as limiting the number of paint options. Tesla also recently offered a delivery service called 'Tesla Direct' in a bid to make a big delivery push before the end of Q3 allowing customers to have their Model 3 delivered to their door without having to visit a Tesla showroom.

The situation has now taken a new turn, as the volume of Model 3 deliveries is increasing so rapidly that Tesla has resorted to manufacturing its own car carrier trailers. Usually, conventional automakers employ car carrier trailers to transport vehicles to dealerships. Trust Tesla to come up with an in-house solution to a problem.

"We're upgrading our logistics system, but running into an extreme shortage of car carrier trailers", Musk Tweeted in response to a customer still waiting for their all-wheel-drive Model 3 after placing an order in June. "Started building our own car carriers this weekend to alleviate load." How Tesla has found the time and resources to manufacture car carriers when it can't keep up with deliveries is a mystery to us, though.

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No further details or photos were provided, but we're curious to see what Tesla's in-house-developed car carriers look like. It's hoped these measures will enable Tesla to significantly ramp up Model 3 production and meet delivery targets. But, with increasing competition from its German rivals, the automaker urgently needs to rectify these issues sooner rather than later.