Tesla Charging Station Goes Old-School

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Charge your modern EV at a 1950s throwback.

A large chunk of the US population is ready to embrace the EV revolution. That much is at least clear when you look at the stellar sales figures of the much lauded Ford Mustang Mach-E.

That being said, a few die-hard internal combustion fans are clinging to the past like a piece of gum under a school bench. How can one make the idea of electric motoring more pleasing to them?

One way is to make charging stations less intimidating, like this old-school pump spotted near the Inside Scoop ice cream shop in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. It houses two Tesla 16kW chargers, perfect for charging a Model 3 or Model S. Yet it looks like a fuel pump from the days when bootleggers modified their cars to get away from the cops.

A Plugshare charging point sits proudly next to the Tesla unit. It also has a less intimidating design as well as an old streetlamp to complete the look and feel of this throwback to the very first gas stations.

Plugshare Plugshare

This particular charging station was installed by the owner of Inside Scoop, Tony Caciolo. According to Evannex, he did it because he's a fan of both 50s design and electric vehicles.

It's an interesting concept, as it takes care of two big charging port problems.

First, there is an annoying group of anti-EV devotees who find it highly amusing to block EV charging stations. This ridiculous pursuit seems to be aimed mostly at Tesla's charging network, but it's not an all-American activity. Charging stations have been blocked in Germany, and even the ever-tranquil Canadians are getting in on it.

An EV blocker would drive right past a station like this and not even notice. One eagle-eyed truck driver noticed it, however, but the Plugshare community shamed him online rather quickly.

Plugshare Plugshare

We also like the aesthetic appeal. Coopersburg is a quintessential American small town located around 40 miles from Philly. It has a historic clock, for example. A high-tech Supercharger station would look out of place, but this recharge port looks right at home.

It also takes care of the problem of incorporating new technology into existing cities. London's famous red telephone boxes are a prime example. Most of them were removed, but the few remaining serve as free Wi-Fi hotspots. You could easily house a fully functioning Supercharger station within a telephone box. This would benefit all EV owners, as Tesla recently announced that it would be opening its Supercharger Network to other car brands.

As it turns out, we're not the first to think of this. Siemens and Ubricity teamed up to convert old lamp posts in Westminster in London to EV charging stations.

Siemens Google Maps
Source Credits: Evannex

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