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Tesla Confirms 2016 3 Series Fighter

The new entry will be half the price of the Model S, with styling appealing to younger shoppers.

After the unexpected success of its electric Model S, Tesla officialsannounced their plans to enter another market with a new model to be uncoveredsoon. This new entry will be sized and priced to directly take on BMW’s 3Series. Tesla will be introducing this compact sports sedan for model year 2016,and it is expected to be priced around the $40,000 mark.

The compact sports sedan will follow the fully electricModel X SUV, introduced last year in Detroit with gullwing doors. Thissuper-soccer-mom hauler is supposed to deliver 0-60 performance in less than 5seconds. In addition, the company claims its rumored plans ofbuilding a pickup truck for the U.S would not be realized any time soon. With growing sales throughout the U.S and an expanding networkof supercharger stations, Tesla’s newest model poses aserious threat to the German favorite.

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