Tesla Confirms Cyber Roundup Annual Shareholder Meeting

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Could there be a Cybertruck reveal?

Annual shareholder meetings are hardly the most exciting bit of automotive news, but when the meeting in question is being held by Tesla, that's a different story. Two years ago at "Battery Day," an alternative name for the shareholders meeting, Tesla revealed the Model S Plaid and teased a yet-to-be-announced $25,000 model. Last year, the company officially moved its headquarters to Texas and predicted the Model Y would become the best-selling vehicle globally by 2023. So what's on the agenda this year?

CarBuzz recently spotted a Tesla trademark filing for the term Cyber Roundup. We now know this will be the name for Tesla's 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders set to be held on August 4, 2022, at the Gigafactory Austin, Texas. A link to livestream the event is included below.


Based on the new name for the event, we believe there could be some new information regarding the Tesla Cybertruck, which has been repeatedly delayed since its initial reveal back in 2019. Tesla CEO Elon Musk most recently stated that Cybertruck deliveries will begin in mid-2023, making August an ideal timeline to show off the production vehicle and announce official pricing.

As a reminder, Tesla announced the Cybertruck with a $39,990 starting price but removed all pricing information from its website when it pushed back its 2022 delivery estimate. To say shareholders are excited for Cybertruck production news would be an understatement.

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Even if we don't get any new Cybertruck information, Tesla still has other topics to discuss. Shareholders will vote on a potential 3-for-1 stock split, where owners of a single share would receive three shares each valued at a lower price. We predict any other announcements will be boilerplate stuff, unless Elon Musk wants to make a big splash by announcing yet another shiny new product before delivering the last three shiny new products.

Be sure to tune in at 5:30 PM EST on August 4 to hear all of the latest Tesla news.

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