Tesla Confirms Model Y Seven-Seat Launch Date

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Time to further expand its appeal.

Along with the Model 3, the Tesla Model Y is playing a key role in the California-based automaker's rapid market expansion. With a starting price tag of just under $50,000, the Model Y will soon face some tough competition from mainstream rivals, such as the Audi Q4 e-tron. But Tesla, in general, has several significant advantages over rivals, most specifically battery technology and general EV know-how. VW Group's CEO expressed his concern regarding this matter not long ago. Before more competition arrives, Tesla has another significant Model Y update coming.

Elon Musk has just confirmed on Twitter three-row, seven-seat Model Y production will officially get underway next month and deliveries will start in early December.

2020 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Side View Driving Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Rear View Tesla

Last summer, we learned the three-row Model Y would be arriving this year, though no specific date was available. Now we know. Originally, this new seven-seater was not supposed to begin production until sometime in 2021, but Musk and crew are clearly trying to end 2020 on a high note with a 500,000-vehicle sales goal. Pricing for the new seven-seater is expected to cost an additional $3,000 over the regular five-seat Model Y, meaning the cheapest it'll be is $53,000.

While the idea of a more practical Model Y sounds appealing, we do have some reservations. Previously leaked images show a seven-seat Model Y with clearly not much third-row legroom.


Although there are two additional seats, they'll probably be best for small children instead of grown adults. No one likes being squeezed in the back for long periods of time. The Tesla Model X has a third-row option as well, but those occupants are also struggling for adequate space despite being over 10-inches longer than the Model Y.

There have been some reports of troubling Model Y build quality issues, most recently when an owner claimed the glass panel roof fell off while driving on a highway two hours after leaving the showroom. Let's hope Tesla has that all sorted out sooner rather than later.

2020 Tesla Model Y Maximum Cargo Space Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Interior Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla

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2020 Tesla Model Y Side View
2020 Tesla Model Y Maximum Cargo Space
2020 Tesla Model Y Interior
2020 Tesla Model Y Front View
2020 Tesla Model Y Rear View

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