Tesla Confirms There's One Thing The Model Y Can't Do

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This could affect lots of buyers.

The Tesla Model Y is finally reaching customers exactly one year after its official debut but, up until now, the automaker has not revealed many details, such as overall dimensions. Fortunately, information such as that and more is now arriving. Although the Model Y is very much a crossover, as it shares a majority of its components and entire platform with the Model 3 sedan, there's one thing it can't do: tow. Most crossovers, despite being car-based, are capable of towing but nothing compared to SUVs and trucks.

However, the Model Y's official owner's manual states the vehicle is not rated to tow. While the Model 3 manual states that "towing is not permissible," the Model Y info is much clearer: "Model Y is not equipped with towing."

2020 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Rear View Tesla

Could this change at a later date? Is this only for US-spec models? Both questions lack answers at the moment. Thing is, this lack of towing capability contradicts earlier reports claiming otherwise. In fact, Tesla's chief designer said a year ago the Model Y would have some towing ability. He even hinted the Model 3 will eventually receive a tow bar. If the first Model Y buyers planned on using their new crossover to tow even just light trailers or jet skis, for example, then they're going to be disappointed.

Furthermore, the lack of towing could further deter future buyers. If Tesla opts not to offer a towing feature at some point, then the aftermarket almost surely will, but this poses another problem for owners.

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Tesla has made clear that any aftermarket modifications to its vehicles will void the warranties. While some owners may be willing to modify, a vast majority won't. But there's another key thing Model Y customers and potential customers need to know: sources claim Model Y prototypes have been spotted fitted with tow hitches. What's more, the Model 3 in Europe is rated to tow just under 2,000 pounds. What that means for the US model remains to be seen.

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