Tesla Cybertruck Easter Egg Could Preview New User Interface

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Take a tour of the Tesla Cybertruck's hi-tech interior.

Since it was revealed last November, the Tesla Cybertruck has become an internet sensation. Its angular design has been divisive, to say the least,. However, the peculiar exterior design has overshadowed the Cybertruck's hi-tech interior, which could preview future changes that will be applied to Tesla's tablet-style digital display.

At the launch event, Tesla offered test rides of the Cybertruck to attendees. A video uploaded on YouTube by Hamid Shojaee, which was recently discovered on Reddit, shows the Tesla Cybertruck being taken for a test run, allowing us to get a close look at the interior and the display screen's new user interface.

Hamid Shojaee / YouTube
Hamid Shojaee / YouTube

Compared to Tesla's current UI, the menu is positioned on the left, which is easier for the driver to access. In Tesla's current UI, the menu is located at the bottom of the screen and the driving visualization is positioned on the left. However, the speedometer is still displayed at the top left of the screen like in the Tesla Model 3.

There are also new cyberpunk-style fonts and icons unique to the Cybertruck, while the settings display controls for the truck's bed and shows an off-road mode. It's worth noting, however, that the Cybertruck shown in the video is a prototype.

Hamid Shojaee / YouTube
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Overview Tesla

The final model won't be entering production until (at least) late 2021, so the UI could change by then. You can also see the Cybertruck's rear-view mirror camera in action.

When it goes on sale, three versions of the Tesla Cybertruck will be available including a Single Motor RWD model that can hit 0-62 mph in 6.5 seconds and deliver over 250 miles of range. This will be the most affordable model starting at $39,900. The Dual Motor AWD model, on the other hand, will have a range of more than 300 miles, hit 0-62 mph 4.5 seconds, and start at $49,900. Topping the range is the $69,900 Tri-Motor AWD version, which will do 0-62 mph sprint in 2.9 seconds and cover more than 500 miles on a charge.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View Tesla
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View Tesla
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front View Driving Tesla

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2021 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Overview
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front View Driving

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