Tesla Cybertruck Has The Perfect Location For Side Mirror Cameras

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Look closely. They're there.

The Tesla Cybertruck is definitely an industry and segment disruptor, its radical styling sparking fierce debate among truck owners and non-owners alike. Now that we've seen the Cybertruck, though what was shown is still officially considered a prototype, the eventual production version will not look very different, save for a few design elements. One of them is the side mirrors, or lack thereof.

Like the European version of the Audi e-tron and Honda e, the Cybertruck does not have conventional side mirrors, but rather side cameras. At the moment, this technology is not legal in the US but this is expected to change in the near future. Whether it'll be legal by the time the first Cybertrucks hit the road sometime in 2021 also remains uncertain.

But there's another question that remained unanswered, until now: where are those side mirror cameras located? Thanks to a detail-oriented user on Twitter, we now have our answer.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View Tesla
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Tesla
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Roger
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Turns out those side mirror cameras are hidden in the front fenders. They blend in perfectly, as you can see in the included image. Not only does this look extremely look (once you find it), it also greatly improves the big truck's aerodynamics. But again, it's still uncertain which elements of the Cybertruck prototype, these cameras included, will make production.

Tesla is known for pushing boundaries, to say the least, so we wouldn't at all be surprised to learn Tesla lobbies US regulators to make this cool feature legal in the near future. If so, there's another question that's still without an answer: where will the image displays be located inside the big EV?

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Overview Tesla

In all likelihood, those displays will be located in the space at the bottom of the A-pillars. The first Cybertruck prototypes currently do not have these image displays, but it appears they could be easily added at a later date. It should also be noted the central rearview mirror is also gone, replaced by a camera and display that was already up and running on the Cybertruck prototype.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Driving Tesla
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front View Driving Tesla
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View Tesla

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