Tesla Cybertruck Spied With Glass Roof And Black Tonneau Cover

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New video footage unveils yet another detail about 2023's most anticipated vehicle.

The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted out and about, with a new video giving us a look at the electric pickup's glass roof and black tonneau cover. First reported by Electrek, the clip shows the prototype silently slinking around at an unspecified Tesla event.

The long-awaited electric truck is finally heading into production later this year after endless delays and setbacks.

This particular model is reportedly one of several test units running around the automaker's new engineering HQ in California. Recently, we got a glimpse of the Cybertruck standing tall in its highest air suspension setting, so it seems we're learning about the newcomer with incremental bits of information.

It's unlikely that the glass roof seen below will be retractable, owing to its proximity to the tonneau cover. But it certainly looks good and will likely contribute to a feeling of spaciousness within the cabin.


This prototype still has a few niggles; look closely and you'll note only the left head- and taillight are in operating order. We assume the vehicle is using a basic electrical setup for the time being as Tesla fine-tunes the ride and handling.

We've already seen what the rear end of the production-ready version will look like, with closeup shots showing a more conventional light bar, reverse lights on either side of the license plate, and conventional wheels. The glass roof seen here will most likely be an option, as we assume lesser models will receive a metal alternative.

Musk has previously said the Cybertruck will be made available with a solar roof alternative that can deliver a claimed 15 miles of additional range. Whether that feature reaches production remains a mystery.


First revealed in 2019, the Cybertruck caused a stir and divided the automotive world almost instantly. While some can't stand the divisive, angular styling - and have accused it of being vaporware - there's no denying it's done exactly what Musk wanted it to do.

By November 2022, Tesla had amassed a staggering 1.5 million preorders for the Cybertruck, highlighting just how much interest there is in the EV. Of course, not every reservation will translate into an actual car sale, but the combination of Musk's personality, Tesla's reputation for innovation, and the Cybertruck's wacky styling make it a threat to the current crop of electric trucks.

We hope Tesla will be able to send it down the assembly line with no issues, as the brand has struggled with quality problems in the past.

Now, all we have to do is wait for images of the production interior to surface.


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