Tesla Cybertruck Spotted With Impressive Off-Road Ride Height

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Elon Musk wants to tackle the Baja.

The Cybertruck Owners Club recently posted footage of the Tesla Cybertruck rolling around on what appears to be its highest suspension setting.

We've seen the infamous Cybertruck out and about several times before, starting with a closer look at what appears to be the production-ready model. A few months after the production version was spied, another unit hit the interweb sporting what appears to be the final rear-end design.

This, however, is the first time we're seeing the car lifted this high off the ground. It needs all the suspension travel it can get, as Elon Musk famously stated that the Cybertruck needs to kick butt in Baja. We're guessing he means the Baja 1000 off-road race, not the Mexican state.

Cybertruck Owners Club
Cybertruck Owners Club

The Cybertruck's wheels look comically small in this driving mode, but the square design of the arches also contributes to the quirky look. Still, the truck appears high enough off the ground to achieve impressive approach and departure angles. Looking at the sheer size and length of the truck, we expect a low breakover angle, but the same can be said of all full-size pickup trucks.

We've seen comments on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum suggesting that larger tires could be fitted. Still, looking at the space in the arch, we wonder if a 33- or 35-inch tire could get in there without impacting the other available suspension settings. We also wonder if the fit and finish of the body panels will improve, as misaligned doors and huge panel gaps are clearly obvious, despite the low quality of the video.

Cybertruck Owners Club

The Cybertruck has been stuck in development hell for ages. Even Tesla's Semi truck reached production before its passenger truck.

First unveiled in 2019, Musk has made at least one promise per year that it will arrive soon. The most recent promise is mass production at the end of 2023, but we'll believe it when we see it. By now, Elon Musk has made too many empty promises. Still, more than a million people have paid the hundred-buck reservation fee, even though it's over two years late.

Still, we're genuinely excited to drive it because it comes with an impressive set of features, including that the Cybertruck will be able to use the Semi's Megawatt DC charging stations. That makes sense, but Musk's claims that the Cybertruck can be used as a boat are a bit out there.

We won't be testing that claim, but some Tesla fanboy is bound to do it on our behalf.

Cybertruck Owners Club

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