Tesla Has A Big Cybertruck Announcement Coming Anytime

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Where will it be built?

It has been a competition amongst many American cities to win over Tesla CEO Elon Musk ever since he announced the search for the electric automaker's third Gigafactory. This new facility will also built the highly anticipated and somewhat controversial Tesla Cybertruck. Musk previously indicated the new factory will be built somewhere in the American Midwest and now it appears a decision has been made. The Associated Press reports Tesla has narrowed the list down to two cities: Tulsa, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas.

An official announcement is expected sometime this month, perhaps as soon as this coming week. However, another report from Electrek now claims Tesla has already decided on Austin. Although this can't be fully confirmed at this time, the publication claims it learned this revelation from a source familiar with the matter.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View Tesla
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Tesla
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Driving Tesla
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Overview Tesla

The exact site for the new factory, set to be the company's largest yet in the US, meaning it'll be bigger than the Nevada Gigafactory, has yet to be decided upon, but Tesla was given a few site options by state and city officials in the greater Austin area.

The city, whose unofficial slogan is "Keep Austin Weird," also has another major automotive experience nearby: the Formula 1 Circuit of the Americas. For now, Tesla has not commented on either of these reports, though knowing Musk, he'll post something on Twitter probably soon.

Reportedly, Musk is anxious to get construction started very soon. Just to give you an idea of what exactly he has in mind, the rumored goal is to get Model Y crossovers rolling out of the factory doors by the end of this year.


At first, this may seem like a totally unrealistic goal, but it took less than a year for Tesla to build and ultimately get online its Shanghai factory. However, the report adds Tesla's goal is to have a general assembly line up and running before the year comes to a close as part of the initial phase. It would continue building the factory around that production line in later stages. By the end of 2021, the factory should be completed and will be churning out both Model Ys and Cybertrucks.

And speaking of Austin, Texas, only last week Musk claimed he was seriously considering moving Tesla headquarters there (or Nevada) following difficulties with county and state officials to reopen the Fremont, California factory where a major of its vehicles are still built.

2020 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Side View Tesla
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Source Credits: Associated Press Electrek

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2020 Tesla Model Y Interior
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Overview
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Driving

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