Tesla Cybertruck Will Debut With A Controversial Feature

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Safety officials probably won't be pleased.

The Tesla Cybertruck was recently delayed (again) from 2021 until 2022. No one was really shocked given Tesla's long track record of delayed rollouts. The Austin, Texas Gigafactory remains under construction and will produce both the Cybertruck and Model Y upon completion. But the Cybertruck will now carry another distinction aside from being Tesla's first truck. And no, we're not talking about a glass dashboard either.

During the recent AI Day, CEO Elon Musk told his audience that the Cybertruck will debut with the company's Hardware 4 self-driving computer. HW 3.0 is the system currently being deployed in Full Self Driving. The outspoken CEO didn't provide an exact date as to when the HW 4.0 will be ready to go in the Cybertruck, only that it'll be introduced "in a year or so."

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View Tesla
2022 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Tesla

Chances are, the vehicle will begin production before the updated self-driving tech is ready, meaning the first batch of owners will get HW 3.0. It's just the way it works sometimes. Alternatively, the hardware may be installed and locked behind software limitations. Those who have already placed orders for a Cybertruck with FSD 3.0 will probably have the opportunity to get an upgrade at some point. But the question will be how much Tesla will charge for this.

Remember, Tesla originally sold the Full Self Driving functionality as an upgrade for $1,500 on cars that didn't have the hardware capable, and owners were not happy and many felt betrayed. More than that, Tesla has a history of jacking up prices, and ordering a Model S with FSD functionality now costs $10,000 extra.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Maximum Cargo Space Tesla
2022 Tesla Cybertruck Trunk Floor Storage Tesla
2022 Tesla Cybertruck Trunk Space Tesla

Musk also had some interesting comments about the status of HW 3.0. "I'm confident that HW 3.0 or the FSD Computer 1 will be able to achieve full self-driving at a safety level much greater than a human, probably at least 200-300% better than a human." Expect the new system to feature all-new and more advanced cameras. That may still not be enough to convince skeptics FSD is safe.

Tesla is also now in the hot seat with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), which opened an investigation last week into Tesla's Autopilot system over claims it's unable to recognize parked cars on the side of the road.

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2022 Tesla Cybertruck Side Perspective Driving
2022 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Overview
2022 Tesla Cybertruck Side View
2022 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View
2022 Tesla Cybertruck Maximum Cargo Space

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