Tesla Delivered A Staggering 1.31 Million Vehicles In 2022

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That's a 40% increase compared to 2021.

Tesla has released production and delivery figures for 2022 and the numbers show strong growth compared to the 2021 period.

A total of 1,369,611 vehicles left production lines in 2022, which represents a year-on-year increase of 47%. In the previous year, the company managed to produce 930,422 motorcars. As you'd expect, the Model 3 and Model Y made up the greater majority, with a total of 1,298,434 examples produced. The pricier Model S and Model X represent a small portion of the pie, at 71,177.

These stronger figures can be attributed to production commencing at new factories such as Gigafactory Texas and Gigafactory Berlin. How many units came from these respective plants is unknown, as Tesla does not disclose specific figures for each facility.

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2022 fourth-quarter production figures are particularly strong. Tesla manufactured 419,088 Model 3 and Model Y variants, while 20,613 examples of the Model S and Model X were produced.

Tesla's delivery numbers are also encouraging. For the entirety of 2022, the American automaker delivered 1,313,851 vehicles worldwide, representing a 40% year-on-year increase compared to 2021. It's the smaller models that made up the majority of deliveries, with 1,247,146 of those vehicles wearing either a Model 3 or Model Y badge. Just 66,705 examples of the Model S and Model X were delivered to customers in 2022.

In the fourth quarter of last year, 388,131 Model 3/Y vehicles and 17,147 Model S and Model X variants were delivered to owners.

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This growth is impressive, especially considering that the entire automotive industry is still battling the crippling chip crisis and supply chain issues. "Thank you to all of our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and supporters who helped us achieve a great 2022 in light of significant COVID and supply chain-related challenges throughout the year," said the company.

There's a strong possibility that Tesla's 2023 numbers will be even better, especially with the updated Model 3 on the way. Add to that the possibility of an even cheaper Model Y variant, and there's a strong possibility the automaker will drum up even more business in the coming year. As the Cybertruck is only expected to enter production much later this year, we're guessing it will have little impact on 2023's figures.

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