Tesla Designer Compares BMW i3 to IKEA Furniture

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A hint of jealousy or just brutal honesty?

There was a time when EVs were never taken seriously by both automakers and the public alike. That's all different now with two solid examples of electric propulsion on the road: the Tesla Model S and the BMW i3. There's huge interest in both. The Model S has been a major seller, and the i3 is set to move off dealer lots in big numbers too. In other words, there's now real EV competition and automakers are going to start talking some smack about one another.

The first shot was just taken by Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen who in a recent interview referred the i3 as "the myth of the Ultimate Driving Machine" and that it likely doesn't meet the "basic standards of the brand." Although von Holzhausen did complement the i3's interior design, he feels the exterior is less than flattering. "The i3 is more an IKEA piece of furniture as a design…(it) looks a bit strange and unconventional. I feel personally that cars must not look so funky. The electric drivetrain and the proportions are unique enough." He's got a fair point in how the Model S has a solid presence, even Jaguar-like, while the i3 almost looks like a bloated golf car with a BMW emblem.

You can side by side car comparison on Carbuzz.

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